Functionally re-design a tape dispenser for holiday gift wrapping dads.


You might be surprised to learn that dads do wrap holiday presents. Gift wrapping is no game for these men. As young boys, their mothers taught them the importance of gift wrapping: precision. The paper should be pulled tight and folded perfectly. They might not seem like the type to care about the little details, but when it comes to the holidays, everything matters. They take pride in their skills and would never use a gift bag for a holiday present because wrapping it completes the gesture. 

Our process:

We conducted a survey and interviewed dads to see what gift wrapping was like for them. We learned about their wrapping process and what frustrated them. We also took a look at the current tape dispensers and what our dads like about them. Based off our research, we made three rules for the new tape dispenser: one-handed use, one motion to dispense & apply tape, and pre-cut strips.

We took inspiration from the pop-up take dispenser and an address stamper. These dads liked the precision of the pre-cut strips and that it won’t get stuck on itself. The stamper also allows dads to apply the tape with a one-hand and with one motion.

The product:

Turbo Tape by Scotch
One quick stamping motion both dispenses and applies a precut piece of tape

How it works:

To use the Turbo Tape, place the dispenser on the wrapping paper where you wish to apply tape. Press the top down until you hear a click. As you press down, one piece of precut tape will be dispensed and apply to the paper.

HOw to reload:

To reload, flip the Turbo Tape upside down, push the bottom compartment down until it locks in place. Open the bottom compartment and insert new package of perforated tape. Pull the first piece of tape out to get it started.