Product innovation that moves Energizer from powering the home to powering the world around you.



Though Energizer makes a variety of products, people perceive them as just a battery brand. When people think of batteries they think of household devices like remotes, flashlights and alarm clocks.


Smartphones are replacing many single-purpose electronics, reducing the need for batteries, and posing a major challenge for Engerizer's future. 


From the creation of the first dry cell battery that was used in the development of cars and telephones to the first batteries made for hearing aids, Energizer has been dedicated to connecting people to the world around them. From its core, Energizer is a power company, not a battery company. This is a strength the company can own.


Energizer powers the world around you.



Power the device that runs our lives and connects us to the world - our phone.

People feel stressed when their phone battery gets low because they feel cut off from the world.

90% of us panic about losing power on our phones.


People don’t plan for emergencies in their daily lives.

72% of people carry no kind of backup charger with them.

People buy portable chargers but don’t remember to bring them and charge them ahead of time. 

Only 10% of people with portable chargers remember to recharge them after each use.  

Product Innovation:

Energizer Power Patch. A single-use, wireless portable cell phone charger.

How it works:


The Energizer Power Patch is similar to a sticker in that you peel the backing off and stick it on your phone. It uses inductive charging to increase your phone’s battery life. It’s a single-use product that is not meant to replace your phone charger, but to be used as quick fix when you can’t afford a dead phone. 

Product Placement:

Power Patches will be sold in packs of two, six, and eight in convenience stores and big box retailers like CVS, Walmart, 7-11, and Target. Point of purchase displays will be on countertops by the register where traditional phone chargers are sold in order to move Energizer out of the battery aisle.

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