Repositioned an aging men’s product line to an everyday men’s care line. 

Just for Men


Men have been pressured their whole lives for not looking or acting “like a man.”


72% of men surveyed report being told that “a real man behaves a certain way.”


Society has created strict rules to manhood that tell them how to look, feel, think, and act. These rigid rules of male identity create a male mold which breaks down to physical strength and emotional stoicism.

Physical strength:

Men should be muscular, sexual (often aggressively so), and young.


55% of men surveyed agreed that a guy who spends a lot of time on his looks isn't very manly.

Emotional stoicism:

They are often told :

“Boys don’t cry. Suck it up. Be a man.”


75% of men believe guys should act strong. 


Just for Men is a box of shame that says  you old and you have something to hide.


Men not only feel shame for growing older, but shame for caring about how that makes them look.

Growing old:

“I felt like I wore a sign on my head saying, ‘I color my hair.”


“Just for Men is the number one product stolen from CVS, other than Vagisil.”


Just for Men gives permission to care about - how they look, feel, and act. 

Brand Evolution:

From a brand that sells shame to a brand that gives confidence to men who care. 

This first phase is to change the perception of Just for Men. Right now the brand is a dreaded mid-life crisis, a prescription to fix the signs of old age, and a brand that reinforces the male mold. The goal is to take Just for Men to a brand that is for men of all ages that fits effortlessly into your everyday.


Product Evolution:

From men’s hair dye products to men’s grooming products.

By taking expanding their product line, Just for Men can appeal to younger consumers before they feel the need to color their hair. This plan also helps Just for Men take a bigger piece of the growing men’s grooming industry. Currently, Just For Men owns 90% of the market share for hair dye, but dye is only 11% of the whole grooming industry. 


The line extension will start with hair care with a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Then the brand will expand into full body care starting with 2-in-1 body and face wash. Our research showed that men like convenience and simplicity in their grooming routines, hence the introduction of 2-in-1 products.


Human Evolution:

From the male mold to a new generation of men.

The final goal is to help redefine manhood with new rules of men having emotional strength, vulnerability, earnest, allies & advocates. 

Becoming a man isn’t a phase, it’s a lifelong journey.