Kali Tampons

Created a campaign that brought Kali Organic Tampons into the wellness space.

This was  live client work for my internship project  that was brought to life at Berlin Cameron.


Women today view wellness as a  work in progress. Since there is "no one size fit" all to their health, this process requires constant attention to figure out what works best for their bodies.  


While they are constantly seeking out brands and people they trust to help shape this self-journey, women still feel embarrassed to talk openly about their periods.

51%  believe it is inappropriate for women to openly mention their menstrual cycles in the workplace.


Today, 67% of menstruating women say that they are concerned that the chemicals in sanitary products could affect their health, but only 15% of menstruating women have used feminine hygiene products with natural/organic ingredients.


With custom period packs designed to make periods a time for self-care, Kali had an opportunity to position itself as the brand that empathizes with the woman behind the period.


Kali makes periods a part of your wellness journey.


Kali brings wellness full cycle.

The campaign creative will start on social with an intro post, the hero stills, videos, and product shots.

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